About Us

Welcome To High Horizons Farm

Where The Dumplings Come to Play!

Our Inspiration and Our Home

Through the 70’s into the 90’s, High Horizons Farm was a calf / cow operation - lots of babies every spring!


In 2017 my mom needed extra care, so we joined forces with my Dad, to provide care and breathe new life into our family farm.


Today, acres of blueberry bushes and flower fields now grace this special place, with the Endless Mountains rising all around. Those mountains inspired the name father gave it: High Horizons Farm. 


My name is Jennifer, and I learned how to grow flowers on a large scale. I sold to the floral industry, and I loved designing gift bouquets for local flower fans. 


I always loved flowers, but as I worked with them every day, I saw the smiles and the reactions, I started to understand how much people needed them.


Flowers comfort, connect, heal, and communicate in a way nothing else can.


Flower Dumplings reflect not only my love and respect for flowers, but my tenacious obsession with finding the very best.


When I put together collections for my flower farm, I pour over them, and learn all the subtle differences between varieties. I do the same thing now for my Flower Dumplings. (can't help it!)


I'm  proud of what I can offer to both enthusiastic new gardeners who deserve a great experience, gift givers looking for a unique gift, and seasoned gardeners who are looking for the best resource.


I cherish the privilege of tending the farm, laughing with local families, and connecting with a larger online community of talented gardeners. Thanks to all of you for being a part of it with me.