Controlling Gnats in Houseplants

Posted by Jennifer Kozlansky on Nov 14th 2020

How to control gnats in houseplants

Hi plant lovers!!! 

I could wax poetic about this but I’ll keep it simple... buy gnatrol... follow directions... ;)

Oh and use sticky traps - they don’t control the problem but they are a good monitor. When you start catching gnats in the sticky trap, you know it’s time to apply gnatrol. That way you don’t waste product.

As with any pest control, and organic or non-organic, always follow directions on the package. I’m a huge ‘directions are for wimps’ person but it’s the law when it comes to this type of stuff, and for good reason. Even organic products can hurt you when you are the applicator. 

Now get those gnats! ;) 

Happy houseplanting!!!! <3